About Us

Hello guys, Hi this is Harsha a blogger of the International Fashion and Style Blog, StyleCum. Here you’ll come to experience articles based on looking stylish and perfect. Welcome to my world which is full of styling and fashion.



By the way, my full name is Harshwardhan Azad Singh; I’m 21 years aged fair looking, smart, handsome and cool boy. I’m a choosy person and try to make everything perfect whether it is a relationship or my look. In it there is a big hand of my parents who maintained me like this, right from my childhood and kept me always smart and the point of attraction.

I was born in a small but under developing town Ranchi. Nowadays it is a good multi-city and also a nice hill station, many of national and also international tourists come here to enjoy the wonder climate and beautiful natural sights. I am also fond of visiting beautiful places, in my sense I have tripped to almost every spot in my city and as well as the maximum tourists places in my country. I have always been surrounded with beauties of nature.

I completed my basic education at a nice ICSE institution and always was there a part of the team at different Fashion Shows and Modelling Classes. Got many certificates and good chances of stage shows, The idea of making career in Fashion World was also given their only to my parents by one of my favourite teachers. I was good in it so also continued it after and went for some private Fashion Institutes. Afterwards I also worked as Asst. Fashion Designer, and got a chance to work with some of good and famous professional designers and artists. Learned a lot from them and their only I came to know about fashion blogs, for getting some idea. I was so inspired from here and decided why not to share my personal ideas and views with big audience globally with my own name and fame. So I started this blog and now I am a full time Fashion Blogger.

You will always be updated about the latest fashion and trends here. You’ll also come to know the important basics and as well as the perfect way of dressing and styling yourself. You can learn the trick to attract anyone or just to impress someone by your first look, just by following some simple steps. There are articles for men, women, boys and especially for girls who wants to look stylish, smart and beautiful. This will definitely help you a lot.

We all know how much it is important to look smart and dashing, everybody in the world prefers smart persons around them whether it is for simple communication or for business issues. It is so important for the youngster trying to build career b’coz it gives a good attitude and self-confidence from within. Smart man or lady always gets preference in any interview or get-together.

You’ll get a good help from here to update yourself and create a space of your own in your society. It is never late, so always have a positive attitude and we all have the ability to make changes whenever it is needed. As well as everyone has a dream to look stylish.